In the SBS 2008 Console, you may receive a Backup Warning if you have not configured a backup in either the SBS Console or using Windows Server Backup.  Some 3rd-Party backup software will integrate with the SBS Console and will avoid the warning messages, but other backup solutions do not.

Here is an easy way to avoid these error messages and make sure your SBS Console always shows Green:

  1. Use the SBS Console to configure a backup schedule.  You will need to have an empty USB drive or Partition attached to the server (at least temporarily) to complete this step, but once you are finished it will no longer be needed.
  2. Once the backup has been successfully configured, open ‘Task Scheduler’ from the Administrative Tools menu.
  3. Drill down through the Task Scheduler tree:   Task Scheduler Library -> Microsoft -> Windows -> Backup.  There should be a task named “Microsoft-Windows-WindowsBackup” listed, with the same backup schedule as you specified earlier.
  4. Edit the Task’s Properties, and go into the Actions Tab.
  5. Edit the ‘Start a Program’ Action.
  6. Change the text:   %windir%   to   %disabled%
  7. Click Ok twice to save the changes, and exit Task Scheduler.
  8. Close and reopen SBS Console.

These steps create the scheduled backup task that SBS Console is expecting, and then modify the task so that it no longer triggers a backup.



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