We developed the All Managed IT Backup Monitoring System (BackupMon) based on our own experiences and our clients’ requests for a simple, reliable system that assures their business continuity. We discovered several short-comings with existing products in the market place, that were either too difficult to use or too unreliable.

We finally decided there had to be a better solution, even if we had to build it ourselves. And we succeeded! Our BackupMon system can monitor and report on backups from multiple different software vendors, whether they’re onsite image backups, or cloud file backups, or anything in between.

This means we can use the best backup solution for your specific requirements, and still get full centralised backup reporting.

Online Backups
Online Backup and Disaster Recovery

Our system can simultaneously store your data locally, and send it over the internet to our datacentres in Brisbane. We can restore from either location based on the severity of your data loss.

Instant Restore
Server Backup Whitepaper

Don’t wait days for a new server to be installed if yours blows up. We’ll just “switch on” your backups in an emergency, and they will run directly on the backup appliance.

No Upfront Costs
Server Backup Appliance

Many of our backup appliances are available for a low monthly fee, including all maintenance, monitoring, and datacentre storage costs.

No More Tapes
Whitepaper Virtual Server Backup

If you and your staff are tired of swapping and transporting tapes every day, you’ll be happy to know that our systems don’t use them. You will never have to waste time fiddling with tapes again.